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What are the benefits of a personal chef?

I will provide you with healthy meals of your choice.   I will do the shopping, prepare the meals, label and deliver to your door to be stored in the refrigerator and freezer.  All you will need to do is thaw, reheat and enjoy.  This is perfect for someone with a busy lifestyle. Weekly specials will be offered beginning November 2017.


Is there a contract?

No there is no contract.  You decide how often you would like the service.  Some prefer weekly, every other week, monthly or as needed. 


How do we begin?

I would set up a time to meet with you in your home.  I would look to be sure you have ample space to store the meals and we would discuss your dietary needs.  Also, we would discuss likes/dislikes, including spices as well as textures or food.  We would decide on a menu and when you would like the meals delivered. If choosing the weekly specials, the ingredients are listed. There are no substitutions on weekly specials.


Do I need to be home?

Yes, someone will need to be there to receive the meals


Will you send a bill?

I will have your bill ready when I arrive.  This will include my fee plus the cost of the groceries.  You will receive the grocery receipt so you know where your money has been spent. Weekly specials are one price which includes the food. Personal checks and credit cards are accepted.


What about containers?

I use disposable foil containers. Meals will be heated in the oven with instructions on the lid. Cleanup is very easy.

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